PG Podcast 17 - Tess Rinearson on dropping out of college and into the tech industry

Tess Rinearson (@_tessr) is a software engineer at Chain working on their open-source initiatives. I first knew about Tess from reading her blog post On Technical Entitlement in 2012, which inspired me to write Silent Technical Privilege a few years later.

In this PG Podcast, we talk about Tess's experience of dropping out of college (at Penn and CMU) and into the tech industry as a software engineer. We ended up spending most of our time discussing the college experience itself. Two major themes that emerged were: 1.) timing is everything, and 2.) college is a forcing function for learning and experiencing things that may be hard to do outside of that environment. We also brainstormed about how best to take advantage of one's limited time in college, and the challenges that students face when trying to differentiate themselves in today's competitive job market. Check it out!

Show Notes:

Our interview actually lasted for almost an hour, but I edited it down to 35 minutes to cut out some of my own tangents and to focus more on the core themes of our conversation. Here is the unedited raw footage:

Created: 2016-11-21
Last modified: 2016-11-21