PG Podcast 19 - Jean Yang on time and serendipity management

Jean Yang (@jeanqasaur) is an assistant professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) whose research centers on programming languages and security. Earlier this year, Jean made it onto the prestigious MIT Technology Review TR35 35 Innovators Under 35 list, which is one of the top honors for young technologists and scientific researchers. But I knew Jean long before she was famous ... we first met back in 2008 as naive early-stage grad students without a care in the world (or something like that).

In this PG Podcast, Jean and I talk about a central challenge faced by anyone trying to balance an intense job with the rest of their life: How can we manage time effectively while also making time for serendipity? We walk through Jean's past experiments with time management throughout her childhood, college years, and grad school – leading up to the current strategies she uses as an early-career assistant professor. We also compare in-person to online social interactions, and discuss their impacts on productivity, morale, and procrastination. Listen carefully for a surprise cameo by former PG Podcast guest Ted Benson!

Show Notes:

Created: 2016-12-11
Last modified: 2016-12-11