PG Podcast 26 - Pamela Fox on meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation

Pamela Fox (@pamelafox) describes herself as a human that likes to learn, teach, and create. She has worked at prominent technology companies such as Google, Coursera, and Khan Academy. I first knew about Pamela from her work on creating the free Khan Academy computing education curriculum and accompanying software platform. Way back in 2014, our first online interaction was her interviewing me for a Khan Academy Meet the Professional profile.

In this PG Podcast, we actually don't talk about coding, education, or technology at all, despite our shared interest in those topics. Instead, Pamela discusses her fascinating exploration of various meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques that have personally helped her. She also talks about going on a four-month Buddhist retreat. As someone who works a lot, I related a ton to her insights regarding the need to calm one's constantly-busy mind. I expect that many of my website readers will relate as well.

Show Notes:

Created: 2017-05-05
Last modified: 2017-05-05