PG Podcast 42 - Adam Marcus and Eugene Wu on technical mentorship

Adam Marcus (@marcua) is co-founder and CTO at B12, a startup that specializes in people-powered artificial intelligence. Eugene Wu (@sirrice) is an assistant professor of computer science at Columbia University. Adam, Eugene, and I were roughly in the same Ph.D. generation from ~2006–2014. When I visited New York City this summer, I thought it would be fun if the three of us got together to record a podcast episode together in person.

(Note that Adam was previously on PG Podcast 12 - Adam Marcus on human-assisted A.I.; Eugene is a first-time podcast guest, although he's appeared on this website in text form in The N=2 Interview about Ph.D.s in Computer Science)

In this PG Podcast, the three of us talk about getting to a point in our early careers where we now need to think a lot about technical mentorship: for Eugene and I, this means mentoring students in our research lab; for Adam, it means mentoring engineers, designers, managers, and other employees at his company. Our conversation flowed freely around a lot of topics, and we ended up with more questions than answers (which is a good thing!).

Created: 2018-08-08
Last modified: 2018-08-08