PG Podcast 47 - Yang Hong returns! social capital, non-scaling, funding gaps, renaissance

Yang Hong (@dragonaire) is a data and engineering consultant who is currently at South Park Commons. I first met Yang when I visited South Park Commons to give a talk in May 2018, and we recorded a podcast episode shortly afterward: PG Podcast 36 - Yang Hong on alternative work lifestyles

I recently got a chance to return to South Park Commons to record another episode with Yang, this time in person! We covered a ton of topics around the challenges of building an independent creative career in a sustainable way.

On Social Capital:

On Funding Gaps (for non-unicorn businesses, SMBs):

On Funding Gaps (for people and projects):

On Renaissance Concepts ("apprenticeship", "patronage", "interdisciplinary salons"):


Created: 2019-03-05
Last modified: 2019-03-05