PG Podcast 5 - Amanda Comi on visual storytelling in comic books

Amanda Comi (@hermitiancat) is a self-described articulate hater of media. She reviews comic books for The Outhousers, which produces satirical comic book journalism. Occasionally she also contributes pop-culture opinions to The Supernaughts and Movies and Stuff. I've known Amanda since we attended CTY as teenagers back in 1998.

In this PG Podcast, we discuss the fascinating process behind how modern comic books are produced, and how this visual format is an amazingly rich and efficient way to present all sorts of information, both in fiction and non-fiction.

Show Notes:

  • Scott McCloud, of Understanding Comics fame

  • Nate Piekos of Blambot, prolific in contemporary lettering and design. Amanda says that he has really great introductory articles that go into the nuances of lettering comics books, interesting because it's generally less obvious than writing and drawing, which people understand pretty well.

  • Neil Cohn wrote a good text on visual semiotics, which is the convergence of psychology, visual linguistics, and design

Created: 2016-07-25
Last modified: 2016-07-25