PG Podcast 54 - William Li on re-learning Chinese (first 46 minutes in Cantonese!)

William Li (@williampli) is a computer scientist/engineer who currently works as a machine learning engineering manager. As a grad student at MIT, William contributed to and taught Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology, in which teams of students work with a person with a disability in the Boston area to build customized assistive devices that solve a particular need. His Ph.D. focused on text mining and data science on open government datasets, from predicting the authors of unsigned Supreme Court opinions to finding common ideas in millions of comments on proposed laws and regulations.

I knew William from my postdoc year at MIT. Our paths crossed again recently when I was looking for someone to speak Chinese with on a podcast, since I was really inspired by watching Lauren Engel's Cantonese vlogs on YouTube. He was totally up for trying!

In this PG Podcast, William and I speak in Cantonese (a popular dialect of Chinese) for the first 46 minutes and then switch over to English to reflect on growing up as bilingual speakers and on other facets of the Asian immigrant experience in North America.

Created: 2020-02-16
Last modified: 2020-02-16