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Over the past 10+ years, I've grown Python Tutor into one of the most widely-used free resources for learning programming, with over ten million total users. This website costs significant amounts of money to run.

I've also been writing articles and creating podcasts.

Throughout the years, I've received many offers for custom advertising and sponsor deals. But I've stubbornly held onto the conviction that educational resources like mine should be 100% free and not beholden to advertisers, sponsors, or investors.

In the end, the only funding model I'm comfortable with is one where generous people make donations to keep things free for everyone else. Here are some ways you can help:

Thanks for your help!

What will my donation be used for?

  • Paying web registration and hosting fees to keep running so that millions of people each year can continue to benefit from it.
  • Supporting my writing and podcasts, such as purchasing new audio/video equipment.

What will I get for donating?

You'll get the gratitude of millions of current and future visitors to, many of whom come from backgrounds where they cannot afford expensive universities or private tutors. You'll also get the gratitude of those who consume my writing and podcasts.

What will I NOT get for donating?

You will not get preferential treatment in terms of requests for new content, code features, or technical support. Please donate only if you would like to support current and future site visitors.

Will I be put on a spammy mailing list after donating?

Absolutely not. I hate spam more than anything.

Why rely on donations? Can't you use grants to fund this work?

Not really. It's very hard to obtain grant funding to sustain this sort of nonprofit education and outreach work. Academic grants fund mostly research, and the vast majority of their budgets are used to pay my graduate students' salaries and tuition fees.

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