Philip Guo is an associate professor of cognitive science at UC San Diego. His research spans human-computer interaction, programming tools, and online learning. He currently studies what motivates people to learn programming and builds tools to help people better understand code and data.

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Email Policy

I no longer read or respond to most cold emails due to the large amounts of email I receive. There are only three exceptions:

If you are a UCSD student or affiliate, feel free to email me about anything on your mind except these class-related questions:

Please read the FAQ before cold-emailing.

For Python Tutor, consult this doc and do not email me.

My email address is on the first page of my recent publications.

FAQ / Advice

Q: Where can I find your old article / post / etc.?

If it's not linked from this webpage, then I no longer consider it available. Do not ask me for old content that I've taken offline. If you find old copies elsewhere on the internet, please do not share those links since they often contain outdated information.

Q: When are your office hours?

Fall 2020: usually Mondays 11am Pacific. If you're a UCSD student, email me to get the Zoom link.

Q: How can I get a job in a research lab on campus?

This is the most common question I get from students, especially undergrads. Here are some suggestions:

(Since we are mostly working remotely now, it is harder to find people's Zoom office hours info since most are not publicly posted. I suggest either finding their course syllabus or emailing them to ask for their office hours Zoom link.)

Q: How can I get an internship or job related to HCI/UX/Design?

Check out HCI/UX/Design Jobs for New College Grads.

Q: How can I best ask for a recommendation letter?

Read Asking for Recommendation Letters.

Q: How can I improve my Ph.D. program applications?

Read A Five-Minute Guide to Ph.D. Program Applications.

Q: Got any advice for new Ph.D. students?

Q: Got any advice for aspiring faculty?

Q: Got any advice for new assistant professors?

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